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Why consider a Gopher Birdie putting green?
A Gopher Birdie Putting Green will add value of your home and quality to your life. The PGA Professionals on our staff are dedicated to growing the game and your green will encourage new golfers of all ages to take up the game.

Are all Putting Greens the same?
No, Gopher Birdie is the best Synthetic Green builder in Florida.  We only  cater to those looking for the absolute best putting surface. We only use Turf Links or a concrete base under our greens for the absolute truest roll. Many Sand Filled greens when first installed are great until weather, compaction, and foot traffic take their toll. A Gopher Birdie Putting Green is designed to Putt similar if not the same years from when it first installed.

Are all Putting Green Companies the same?

No, Many companies put there efforts into reselling turf as well as providing other products and services. Gopher Birdie focuses strictly on building showpiece Putting Greens. Our attention to detail and installation experience sets us apart from others.

Does Gopher Birdie offer a  warranty?

Yes, Gopher Birdie offers an unbelievable 5 year fade warranty on our putting turf and a 1 year labor warranty.

Are there any size limitations of a putting green?

No,  You can have a putting green that is virtually any size, shape, or hole configuration.

Can I install a putting green myself?

Yes,  Anyone can install a putting green with proper knowledge, time and effort. However, the attention to details is what makes a truly beautiful green that will last for years. We recommend a consultation with our installation team should you try to go it alone.

Is Gopher Birdie's Putting Green maintenance free?

Yes, All of our putting greens are virtually  maintenance free. Once we install your green just keep the leaves and debris off the surface, just like you would with a real putting green. Remember we use the best non-sand filled nylon on the market today. No sand, no infill, no hassles. 

Can I chip to my Gopher Birdie Putting Green?
Yes! You can hit small bump and run shots to your green. However because all of our greens have a concrete base they do not accept shots over 20 yards very well. Remember we build the best "Putting Greens" in Florida. Customers should consider a sand filled green if  they truly want to hit full shots into a green. Keep in mind that no synthetic putting surface will hold a ball exactly like a real tour green. Choosing a sand filled green will certainly sacrifice quality and require maintenance but it will accept a full shot easier than a Gopher Birdie Putting Green.

Will there be seams in my green?

Maybe, If your green is wider than 15 feet your green will most likely contain a seam. But remember we are builders. We have the finest installation team in the world and our group of turf experts make seams invisible to the eye. In rare instances where a seam is visible it in no way will ever effect the roll or break of a putt. 

How long will it take to have my green installed?

Gopher Birdie can usually install your green within 10-14 business days.

How do I get one?

If you live in Florida simply call (813) 997-PUTT 7888 or send us an Email and we will contact you Immediately.


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